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  • Finding meaning in the future work
  • About FutureShape

    FutureShape is a socially motivated project committed to developing future leaders who can deliver solutions to the complex global problems. Our mission is to build a global entrepreneurial ecosystem enabling Millennial and GenZ graduates to innovate, adapt, start up, and transform the way they live and work. 

    At FutureShape, we believe that humanity must transform the way we live, work and learn if we are to thrive as a global community, and achieve meaning and purpose in our lives.

    We can’t solve the problems that lie ahead by using the methods that we’ve relied on in the past. We can’t continue with the divisions and silos between rich vs poor, powerful vs the excluded, elites vs commoners, theory vs practice, work vs life. The pandemic has taught us how we all depend on each other, and that a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge is essential for human survival.

    We need to find a third way.

    At FutureShape, we believe that our common future is humanistic, co-created, integrative and inclusive, and our learning methodologies reflect that.

    FutureShape uses learning science to design and deliver innovative learning solutions that boost employability, adaptability and prepare you for the challenges that we must confront now and in the future. Learning science allows us to avoid the the abstraction of theoretical learning on the one hand, and the lack of depth in traditional “on-the-job” training on the other. 

    Our Learning Accelerator provides an integrated approach that includes the following:

    •       Social learning groups

    •       Entrepreneurship & startups

    •       Social enterprise

    •       Digital learning

    •       Social research projects

    •       Consultancy engagements, internships, and

    •       Peer-to-peer learning.

    We design rich learning experiences that accredit and recognise the real learning that you will need for the future.

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