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  2. This article caught our attention, as it describes a prevailing social mood across China. Despite the success China has enjoyed in developing its economy y and society, there remains a widespread unease about the social values and the sole concentration on personal success and work ethic, at the expense of more collective values and attention of deep-seated global issues, such as the climate emergency, inequality and social justice The question this raises fro us is how can we bring back purpose and meaning to work? And, how can we create more choices for Gen Z and the newer post-p
  3. The term “Learning Science” is a strange one and ironically could be seen as ambiguous in English. It’s ironic as you would think after 250,000 years of human civilisation that we would understand by now how we learn. Learning after all is existential to the way we are. Learning is being. Yet, depending on the context, “Learning Science” could be interpreted as “I’m learning about science”. The term could also be seen as relating only to learning that involves science. Neither of these meanings are correct in the sense intended in this article. Happily, the Cambridge Handbook of th
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