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What is Involution?

This article caught our attention, as it describes a prevailing social mood across China. Despite the success China has enjoyed in developing its economy y and society, there remains a widespread unease about the social values and the sole concentration on personal success and work ethic, at the expense of more collective values and attention of deep-seated global issues, such as the climate emergency, inequality and social justice


 The question this raises fro us is how can we bring back purpose and meaning to work? And, how can we create more choices for Gen Z and the newer post-pandemic generation to follow, rather than consign them to a never-ending “rat race”. 

How do you you experience involution? What does this word mean for you? 

I.      The FT Global Millennial study: What does it tell us about how young people view the future?


The Financial Times have conducted a major worldwide study of GenZ attitudes following the pandemic, involving 1700 people under 35 years old from several countries, including China. What it reveals is a deep unease amongst young people globally about the prospects for advancement in the future and the inequity when compared to the relative affluence enjoyed by older populations, who entered the workforce in rosier times of the 1980s. 

To quote from one respondent, Tom:” Most people my age are paddling so hard just to stay still”. A fresh graduate, Killian, commented: “we are drowning in insecurity with no help in sight”.


Tell us how you feel about the pandemic and what it means for your life and work in the future. 

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